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A. My business is already listed!

In order to claim your business profile which has been added by one of Toole's users simply:

1. Register your user account.

2. Send us an email at [email protected] from your company email address together with the name of your business.

B. I want to submit new business!

Simply click on "Submit new business form" below and provide all information for your business.
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What do you mean it's free?

It means you can list and edit your business profile for free.

What type of business can be listed on Toole?

Toole lists SaaS businesses accessible via the web browser which means that your business must offer a subscription service and be fully functional in the web browser.

Can I list my mobile app?

We currently do not list mobile apps if they don't offer the functionality via the web browser.
However this is something we are working on so you can go ahead and submit your app and we will publish it when this feature becomes available.